Fringetastic? Vanessa Bruno Fringe Hobo

May 29, 2017

Fringetastic? Vanessa Bruno Fringe Hobo-1Ok, so you’ve already seen plenty of entries about handbags that sport some sort of fringe. And for better or worse it doesn’t look like fringe is going anywhere anytime soon. I struggle when I try to decide if fringe on a bag is a hit or a miss. As I’ve said before, when it comes to fringe less is best. But I know there are plenty of handbags, ugg australia ugg australia boots and items of clothing that boast tons of fringe. What about this Vanessa Bruno Fringe Hobo, does the fringe do the hobo good, or bad? This pebbled leather handbag placed it’s fringe on the front patch pockets and tab. At closer look, I wouldn’t mind the fringe on the bag if the fringe on the tab was removed. I do like the double handles; that almost came as a pleasant surprise. Sometimes little surprises like this make the bag worth a second look. The lined interior has zipper pockets and two patch pockets. As with most hobos, there is plenty of room to ugg australia ugg australia outlet ugg australia outlet store your essentials. But, I am not sure I can get past what I consider to be too much fringe. So, tell me, what amount of fringe is just right? If you feel this bag is it, buy through Shop Bop for $830.

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