41 Mocs That Rock

November 30, 2017

When it comes to footwear, nothing was more ubiquitous at Coachella than moccasins. As trendy as they are today, these shoes are far from a fickle fad— they surged into popularity in the 1960s and have managed to stay in style ever since. Festival season has only just begun, so we still have plenty of time to break out our most magnificent mocs. Some of these pairs belong in a Great Plains museum, but most of them belong on our feet… like, yesterday. Let’s kick these kicks up a notch!

41 Mocs That Rock-1

1. DIY Moccasins: Don’t know if it’s the robin’s egg blue leather or the shock of yellow stitching or the fact that these are DIY, but we lurve ’em. (via The Workroom)

41 Mocs That Rock-2

2. Annabel Moccasins ($115): Anthropologie strikes with a unique, but super wearable black and white shoe.

41 Mocs That Rock-3

3. Frye Reagan Campus Driving Moccasins ($147): Moccasins are one shoe style where blue suede doesn’t just work, it really works.

41 Mocs That Rock-4

4. House of Harlow Mallory Moccasin ($250): Boho queen Nicole Richie is responsible for these gorgeous things. Of course.

41 Mocs That Rock-5

5. Pendleton Blanket Moccasin Slippers ($110): You know that time you were laying on the couch wishing they made shoes out of blankets? They do.

41 Mocs That Rock-6

6. Thunderbird II ($43): Minnetonka is basically the king of moccasin makers. And here they’ve taken their classic Thunderbird design and given it a quick color update which we totally are on board with.

41 Mocs That Rock-7

7. Prada Tribal Stitch Moccasin ($830): Yup, even Prada makes moccasins. Very expensive moccasins.

41 Mocs That Rock-8

8. Manitobah Mukluks Paddle Grain ugg australia bootie Moccasin ($109): If moccasins were people, they’d definitely be Muppets, right?

41 Mocs That Rock-9

9. Kilty With Colored Sole and Lace ($43): Because sometimes you just need a subtle pop of color to help your friend find you in the festival crowds.

41 Mocs That Rock-10

10. Easy Beaded Tutorial: Got a pair that just need a little updating? Get out the beads. Get out the glue. You’ve got some DIYing to do. (via I Love to Create)

41 Mocs That Rock-11

11. Minnetonka ugg australia boots for women’s Thunderbird Softsole Moccasin ($44): Don’t listen to the rest of them. Wear white before, after and during Labor Day.

41 Mocs That Rock-12

12. Beaded Plains Indian Moccasins ($665): These define the real deal.

41 Mocs That Rock-13

13. Silver Beaded Moccasins ($30): Like a BeDazzling accident gone horribly, horribly right.

41 Mocs That Rock-14

14. Matsuri Tabi Moccasins: How about starting a moccasin museum? These artist-designed shoes would be the main attraction — made with seed beads and Japanese kimono textiles. (via Moccasin and Tabi)

41 Mocs That Rock-15

15. Woven Moccasin Loafers ($28): Can’t argue with vintage.

41 Mocs That Rock-16

16. Steve Madden Teana Moccasins ($59): So that’s what happened to Bill Cosby’s old sweaters…

41 Mocs That Rock-17

17. Full Leopard Moc ($66): Animal print slippers are exactly what you need for a hard day dancing in front of your favorite band.

41 Mocs That Rock-18

18. Geometric Moccasins: While we wish the image quality was better and while we couldn’t find the tutorial for these beauties, we’re thinking if you get out your Sharpies, the rest will just fall into place. (via Mara Hoffman)

41 Mocs That Rock-19

19. Cowgirl Zodiac Painted Moccasins ($25): Hand-painted horsies might not be for everyone, but we don’t curr. We’re wild about them.

41 Mocs That Rock-20

20. Matt Bernson Moccasin Flats ($165): How many colors do these come in? ‘Cause we’re gonna need all of them.

41 Mocs That Rock-21

21. DIY Color Block Moccasins: One way to jazz up an old or weathered pair? Color block them! (via Honestly WTF)

41 Mocs That Rock-22

22. Minnetonka Studded Moccasins ($45): Studs give a bit of an edge to an otherwise classic shoe.

41 Mocs That Rock-23

23. Norbert Kohlruss Quilled Moccasins: These are late-1800s moccasins complete with a gorgeous quilt design of porcupine quills and elk tendons. So rad!

41 Mocs That Rock-24

24. UGG Ansley Slippers ($100): Even if you’re over ye olde ugg australia boots, these soft Aussie indoor moccasins will win you over.

41 Mocs That Rock-25

25. BN Leopard Print Mocs ($25): Heaven is a place where leopard print and adorable bows live on everything.

41 Mocs That Rock-26

26. Manitobah Mukluks Paddle Grain Moccasin ($140): More fringe, please!

41 Mocs That Rock-27

27. Pink And Blue Vintage Mocs ($39): Your mom was probably kicking these in 1985, but they’re back and she might let you borrow them if you ask nicely.

41 Mocs That Rock-28

28. Hot Pink Mocs ($95): Over here, we’ve never been shy about color. Neither have these shoes.

41 Mocs That Rock-29

29. Giuseppe Zanotti Swarovski Studded Moccasins ($968): Hey, fancy festival goers of the world. These are for you. We’re hoping you have VIP access. These are not to be trampled on.

41 Mocs That Rock-30

30. Mary Jane Moccasins: Oh, the cuteness! These handmade moccasin Mary Janes are like baby shoes for grown-ups! (via Etsy)

41 Mocs That Rock-31

31. Customized Moccasins: If buying moccasins that everyone else has access to just won’t do, go to the fabric ugg australia outlet store, buy whatever catches your eyes and get to customizing those kicks. (via Petit Pot)

41 Mocs That Rock-32

32. Glitter Moccasins: Because everything is better when you do it yourself and when there is glitter involved. (via Sweetness a Boos)

41 Mocs That Rock-33

33. Joie Aliso Beaded Moccasin ($225): The colorful beading jazzes up a classic, but modern moc.

41 Mocs That Rock-34

34. ’70s Fringe Moccasins ($48): Not sure what we love more — the thunderbird beading or the fact that these sorta look like Keds.

41 Mocs That Rock-35

35. Hearth & Home Moccasins ($298): Designer Rose Choules is on point with these cozy, bright kicks.

41 Mocs That Rock-36

36. Car Shoe ($440): If you haven’t heard by now, white on white is currently all the rage. Studs are always all the rage.

41 Mocs That Rock-37

37. Coach Antonia Slippers ($77): Shearling fleece surely beats walking around barefoot.

41 Mocs That Rock-38

38. Hibiscus Suede ($310): These beautiful ugg australia booties might be too pretty to wear. Okay, “might” is the key word here.

41 Mocs That Rock-39

39. Comfy Zig Zag Moccasins: Another DIY wonder, this project transforms an otherwise ordinary driving moccasin. (via Sincerely Kinsey)

41 Mocs That Rock-40

40. DIY Studded Minnetonkas: Hack your old ‘Tonkas with metal madness! (via Park and Cube)

41 Mocs That Rock-41

41. Vans X Seea Mohikan Moccasins ($70): Gold leafed mocs?!?!? Mama wants.

What’s your favorite fringed footwear? Let us know in the comments!

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